Thursday, August 18, 2016

Grand Manan Sampler - Assorted Rocks

I've gone on about how amazing the rocks from Grand Manan are before. We spend a good chunk of our trip on the rock beaches, staring at the ground.

A few years ago, my friend who usually goes with us wasn't able to come. So I sent her a small box of rocks and decorated it with a chocolate box-like label.

This weekend, I came back to that idea. It's always interesting to retry an old idea again...

This was the first one I made, maybe three or four years ago (sadly I don't have a picture of the final product, just the sketch).

I liked the text from 'Sampler' so I kept that, as well as the shape of the label. But I evolved the lettering and imagery. I did  quick color study on some blue paper to see if the colors I was toying with would work.

And a quick snapshot of the final painting (watercolor, gouache, and Golden gold paint). Now I just have to build a small box.

Such desk mess for such a small piece.

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