Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Repurposed Christmas Gifts

Around Christmastime we all realize there are lots of people we would like to get gifts for but can't really afford to do so. This year I decided to make something quick and easy to give to the people I couldn't afford gifts for. So I made ornaments and nice little boxes for them to go in.

The boxes were made out of (very seasonably appropriate) Trader Joe's bags wrapped around card stock to make them more durable. 

Inside were ornaments made of old Christmas cards and 
homemade paste paper.

Yay! Instagifts!

Friday, December 2, 2011

More Illuminated Letters

So I am committed to my illuminated letters, we are settling down and getting finished. People keep saying "Alice, what are you doing now that you graduated?" and I wanna be able to say "This! WABAM!" And then pull out all this cool finished, bound, alphabet book, instead of making a fish gasping for air noise/face. So here are some more letters...

 M is for Menagerie
And P is P√Ętisserie

Fun fact, P√Ętisserie is a government regulated title in France and Belgium. Only bakeries with a master pastry chef may use the title after going through a rigorous training process. The more you know...

More letters to come soon.