Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tiny Homemade Shelves

Recently pictures have been popping up all over the internet of those curio cases or old letterpress trays people use store cute quirky little things in, like skeleton keys and old toys and shells. These things are like 'I Spy' on your wall. And I thought, "Hey, I have cute quirky stuff that needs somewhere to go!" But I do not have an old letterpress tray or the know-how to build things out of wood, so I turned to my dear old friend, book board. Who needs wood when you can just draw wood grain?

Now originally, my overwhelming ambition said "Alice, you're going to build a box like 1ft by 2ft. It's gonna be huge, you'll fit all your things in that box." Then I started to do math...

Then I started to draw the wood grain...

And then my box ended up being 4 3/4 by 6 inches! Victory!

I rationalize that I can just build a series of them, all catered to the different things I put in them.

 Contained in this box are: a letterpress block 'A' I got on Portobello Road, an old pocket watch found at a flea market, a Totoro my mother felted for me for Christmas (she might be more crafty than me!), an unusual take on the runcible spoon (layman's terms - a spork) and a doughnut Christmas ornament made by my coworker, Jocelyn Gomes, who unfortunately has no website I can direct you to, which is shame because she is fabulous.