Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Maddie on Things!

Last week my roommate and I went to the Brookline Booksmith to see Theron Humphrey and his infamous dog Maddie presenting their book Maddie On Things. If you are not familiar with Maddie and her special talent, stop reading right now and head over to their website:


I really didn't know what to expect, a reading? A signing? It ended up being a delightful artist lecture, listening to Theron talk about his work, Maddie and beyond.

Not only is Maddie an incredible subject, Theron is a great photographer. His work is so much about telling stories and his passion is abundant. His most recent project, Why We Rescue, tells the photographic stories of rescue dogs and their families. He is so invested in sharing these stories and encouraging the creativity of everyone he speaks to. It was an wonderful event, and if they are coming to your city you should definitely make the time to fit them in. 

Not to disappoint, midway through Theron's slideshow Maddie hopped up on a thing:

Photo by Caley Mahoney

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