Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Book Restoration

A few days ago I was having a lazy weekend and I was trying to find something to make the weekend more interesting, a project to keep my hands busy. So I found an old book on the shelf that I have been meaning to rebind for ages. It's a copy of Grimms' Fairy Tales that I bought at a library forever ago that fell out of it's cover. I realized that before I bound the book and lost the end sheets I had to scan them in and maybe print them out to use again.I thought I would share them here because they are darling:

Here's the cover, I love the debossing and I want 
to use the font again on its new cover.

I feel like these end sheets are a bit too cheery for Grimms.

The inscription on the inside cover reads: Happy Birthday to David from daddy & Mother.  I'm not sure when the book was printed by the inscription is dated July 15, 1940. So it's a bit old. It's a little bizarre owning a book that was given to someone as a gift over 70 years ago, but I like knowing it has a history.

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