Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gotta Get Back Into the Art Swing of Things

For the past several (graduated!) months I have been working a full time job for my school. Now I have dropped down to part time and I hope it will leave me some more time for my art. Coming home after an 8 hour day every day and finding the enthusiasm to do art is really difficult, I'm hoping with my extra time now I can be productive. So first project out the door is this card I made for my boss as a thank you for all he has done to help me over the past three years. He liked to ask in the morning if I -obviously the color astute artist- thought his tie matched the rest of his outfit. Since I will no longer be around to help out I made him this handy interactive color wheel...

The first layer of shirts is painted in watercolor than placed on top is a circle made of acetate. Painted on the acetate in gouache are the ties. Holding the two pieces together are those things you use in the punched holes of reports to hold them together. So the top layer of acetate can spin around on top around and vary all the ties with each shirt. Like this handy .gif demonstrates...

If you click on the image, it will move.


  1. Unfortunately I don't have enough ties to take advantage of this cool costume color wheel, but I think it's great!

  2. What libel is this?
    ...He liked to ask...if I -obviously the color astute artist- thought his tie matched the rest of his outfit...
    Not matched, BEST matched. You were offered the opportunity recommend between two (or more) perfectly complementary ties. Your input was to shape the tenor of the of the final product, subtle or bold for instance, not to make it match. Truth be told the most important decision of the day was of often informed by a committee of my peers. What other surprises does your website offer? Let me guess, somewhere in here there is a story about how you reupholstered the work-study chair? In your defense, and you'll need a good one, the gif does not do your wonderful card justice.