Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Book

Recently the seniors in my department put together a book for our Halloween loving teacher. Every spread was something entirely random, illustrated by a different person, but all very Halloweeny. I got to bind the book and include my own spread inside:
All the pages were made from different papers with different materials.

My binding (though not my covers).

My pop-up spread, the ghost comes out from behind the house.

Please look at more of the book's wonderful pages after the jump...

 The adorable end sheets and front page designed and illustrated by Michael Callahan, the mastermind behind the whole idea.

Left: Jessica Silva, Right: Anthony Feliciano

Left: Michael Callahan, Right: Nick Sullivan

Left: Jill Lydon, Right: Nick Sullivan

Paper cut by Kerrian White

Left: Kim Buhler, Right: Amanda Lo

Left: More Mike Callahan, Right: Carly Menasco

Left: Ivan Cheung, Right: Chifuku Kuwahara

Leda Hosier

Left: Ivan Cheung, Right: Mike Callahan

Left: Ivan Cheung, Right: Mike Callahan

Left: Nick Sullivan, Right: Jill Lydon

Nicole Caouette

Left: Nick Sullivan, Right: Ivan Cheung

Left: Carly Menasco, Right: Mike Callahan

Ivan Cheung

Left: Indigo Moorhead, Right: Kerrian White

Both Mike Callahan

The final page, listing the names of all artists included.

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