Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Projects With the Tatertots

Again I found myself with another time slot at camp where I could lead my own activity. The theme of the week was 'Super Heroes', so I tried to create a project that could encompass that idea while encouraging artistic principals. Plus, I once again only had an hour.
So we did comic books covers for the kids self-created super heroes.

First I had them start with an idea for a superhero. Most of them already had an idea in mind and if they didn't I found a nifty little (fairly PG) super hero name generator. Then they drew the superhero in pencil, allowing room somewhere on the page for the name to appear boldly. After their pencil sketch, I had them ink around the lines with a heavy Sharpie to get that classic strong black outline. The final step was adding blocks of flat color. In a perfect world we would have had far more time to sketch and could have maybe colored in gouache. But in the time frame we had we did it the color with marker and colored pencil.
Super Pug in progress.
Booger Man and The Nose in progress.

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